Justice Dot Net

LUX 2018
Director : Pol Cruchten
Cast : Martin McCann, Désirée Nosbusch, Pascale Bussiéres, Astrid Roos

86 Min. | OmeU
German Premiere
International Section

A court hearing is being streamed live – and the audience are the judges. »Justice Dot Net« is a dystopian techno-thriller where the political and business elite are brought to justice for their crimes against the environment. A group of frustrated individuals around programmer Jake (Martin McCann), who lost everything he ever had due to the unethical business-politics of a multinational conglomerate, kidnaps four influential politicians and business people, streaming live from their hideout. The next harsh sentence is only a mouse-click away. »Justice Dot Net« is a fast, European high-tech thriller that brings the demands of young, dissatisfied demonstrators to their logical conclusion. It also questions how society should deal with the leaks of confidential information. Director Pol Cruchten has created a highly topical film with numerous twists and turns. As a producer, director and co-founder of the production company »Red Lion«, Cruchten was the figurehead of Luxemburg‘s cinema. »Justice Dot Net« was his last film; he died this July at the age of 55.