Jennifer 8

USA 1992
Director : Bruce Robinson
Cast : Andy Garcia, Uma Thurman, Lance Henriksen

120 Min. | OmU | Original with german Subtitles


In his hometown Los Angeles, Detective John Berlin has failed professionally and also in his private life. In the small town of Eureka things are supposed to turn around. But shortly after his arrival in Northern California, he gets stuck with a mysterious case. The severed hand of a young woman is found in a garbage dump. Berlin is convinced that this puts him on the trail of a serial killer who preys on blind women. While working the case, he meets and falls in love with the blind musician and teacher Helena, who might have met the murderer. Psychological thrillers almost always feed off uncertainty. Often one can’t be sure if the danger is real or maybe just imagined. And there’s always the question of who can be trusted and who can’t. Here, Bruce Robinson takes unsettling the audience to the limit. Even John Berlin, expertly played by Andy Garcia, becomes a suspect. His fixation with a serial killer who might not even exist and his obsessive relationship with Uma Thurman’s Helena turn »Jennifer 8« into a an immensely haunting character study of an obsessive who cannot stop himself from going too far.