Initials S.G.

ARG 2019
Director : Rania Attieh, Daniel Garcia
Cast : Diego Peretti, Julianne Nicholson, Daniel Fanego, Malena Sanchez, Francisco Lumermann

98 Min. | OmeU
European Premiere
International Section

»This is a story of a man who lives his life in the background. But, despite this, he will never be forgotten.« As if this were the prologue to a heroic epic, the narrator uses these words to send us into the unsuccessful life of the porn performer Sergio Garces. The Argentinean loves his role as a ladies-man, but all he has in common with his idol Serge Gainsbourg is a crooked nose. Sergio pursues his ridiculous fantasies and reacts to every pratfall by simply getting back up again. He is the Knight of the Sad Countenance, and his fight against the windmills of his own life creates this year’s most lovely comedic surprise. Like the »Dude« in »The Big Lebowski«, he treats every wrong turn in his life with the imperturbability of a true hero – and a deep drag from his joint. When Jane enters his life, the aging Latin Lover does not immediately suspect that the missing piece of the puzzle for his corny version of »Je t’aime« is within reach. From here on, chaos will rule until a surprising ending that would indeed befit a heroic epic.