In the Soup

USA 1992
Director : Alexandre Rockwell
Cast : Seymour Cassel, Steve Buscemi, Jennifer Beals, Will Patton, Stanley Tucci, Pat Moya, Jim Jarmusch, Carol Kane

95 Min. | OV


Adolpho is in deep trouble, »in the soup«, as they say, since His landlords are after him for months of unpaid bills. For a long time, he has left his life‘s work,a 500-page screenplay in a drawer, but now he has no choice. Trying to find a producer for his magnum opus, he ends up with the cunning and charismatic Joe, who has some completely different plans with him. Alexandre Rockwell‘s »In the Soup« is a highlight of 90s independent cinema and gets much of his energy from the dreamy interaction between its two leads, Seymour Cassel and Steve Buscemi, for with Cassel got a well deserved best actor wards at the Sundance Film Festival. Cassel be witches the camera in every scene, for example, when he unforgettably talks the naïve Buscemi into stealing a Porsche from a police parking lot. Cassel‘s exuberant love of acting makes it easy to follow the clueless Adolpho on his way into the net the brilliant manipulator Joe has so deftly woven.