If You Saw His Heart

Si Tu Voyais Son Coeur

FRA 2017
Director : Joan Chemla
Cast : Gael García Bernal, Marine Vacth, Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, Karim Leklou

86 Min. | OmeU | Original with english Subtitles
German Premiere
International Section

A wedding scene catapults us into the vibrant world of gyspy life. And the eyes of the groom’s best friend Daniel (an orphan, adopted into the community) are full of light. But this is a flashback – the groom is now dead. And Daniel, the sole witness of his accident, has been blamed for his death and now outcast. His only refuge – a hotel run by a slumlord – is hell on earth. Mired in the loss and memory of his best friend, he embraces the hopeless world of this home for social rejects. Losing faith in humanity, and himself – he falls. And just as darkness is about to consume him, his world his punctured by a ray of light when Francine appears. A fellow broken soul, a soul mate, or an angel. Real or not, their connection is pure and allows them to both to exist. For a time. From extreme darkness to extreme romanticism, Chemla’s cinema is a cinema of senses. As is a gypsy heart .