Hearts and Bones

AUS 2019
Director : Ben Lawrence
Cast : Hugo Weaving, Andrew Luri, Hayley McElhinney, Bolude Watson

109 Min. | OV
International Premiere
International Section

A war photographer and a refugee discover a photograph that threatens todestroy them both. Daniel (Hugo Weaving) has returned home to Sydney, Australia to the news of his wife‘s pregnancy. Determined not to let fatherhoodalter his way of life, he begins preparations for an upcoming exhibition of his work from the world’s war zones. And despite his partner‘s protests, prepares for his next overseas assignment. However, as the birth of his child draws near he struggles to keep his rising anxiety hidden. South Sudanese refugee Sebastian (Aman Luri) has built a new life in Australia, living happilywith his wife and young child. When he learns that Daniel‘s exhibition may display photographs of a massacre in Sebastian‘s village 15 years earlier, hefinds Daniel and appeals to him to exclude those photographs. An unlikely friendship develops between the two men, but it is severely tested when Daniel finds out that there are always two sides of one coin. Luri, who has never acted before and was driving a garbage truck when heauditioned for the role, and Weaving both brilliantly convey the intricatere lationship between the men.