Happy Ending

DK 2018
Director : Hella Joof
Cast : Birthe Neumann, Kurt Ravn, Charlotte Sieling, Marianne Høgsbro

96 Min. | DF | Deutsche Fassung
German Premiere
International Section

Helle has looked forward to her husband Peter‘s retirement for a while. Finally, she wants to enjoy her time with him, be alone with him and travel all over the world. Have a life. Before, there was never enough time, due to his stressful job, the household and the kids. Now they don‘t owe anybody anything and can live their own lives. But Peter sees things differently. Without consulting her, he invests their life-savings in a vineyard. They fight; they separate. Now in their 70s and suddenly single again, they each set out on a blazing journey of discovery, filled with new opportunities, problems and dreams. Helle initially holds onto hope, as Peter regresses into adolescence. But can you start over after 50 years of marriage? And can you live without each other after all? »Happy Ending« is a delightful snapshot of modern aging. Danish all-rounder Hella Joof expertly portrays the changes in society and makes it clear that aging can be fulfilling as well as sexy. And has a place in a world that prizes the alleged vigor of youth above everything else.