USA 2018
Director : Mélanie Laurent
Cast : Elle Fanning, Ben Foster, Lili Reinhart

93 Min. | OV | Originalversion
German Premiere
International Section

The road less travelled will make all the difference for two lost souls living on borrowed time. Roy is a mob hit man - but one bullet has his name on it, and he doesn’t give a damn to stick around long enough to hear the doctor’s diagnosis. Pushing 40, single and childless, he has no one to answer to, and no one to miss him when he’s gone. Rocky is a barely-legal baby-doll prostitute. She knows the lyrics to Big Stars »Thirteen«, and whispers the words of the adolescence dreams that died in her the day she was robbed of her innocence. Roy meets Rocky – tied to a chair – in the bloody aftermath of a job gone wrong. He’s no angel but he can’t leave the kid behind, and the two strangers find themselves on the road with their dark pasts in pursuit. And Galveston, Texas becomes their destination – and destiny.