Angst in meinem Kopf

GER 2018
Director : Thomas Stiller
Cast : Claudia Michelsen, Ralph Herforth, Matthias Koeberlin, Charly Hübner, Torsten Michaelis, Marco Hofschneider

90 Min. | DF | Deutsche Fassung
World Premiere
International Section

The whole weight of familial responsibility rests on Sonja’s shoulders. She has to singlehandedly support her family, pay the rent, buy the groceries. Her husband, a failed writer, is not much help. Aside from her personal problems, there’s also trouble at work. Sonja is a corrections officer and was kidnapped during a previous attempt at a jailbreak. Traumatized by this experience she transferred to another prison. Everything seems to get better. But because of her mounting financial problems, she gets involved with the wrong people and her past catches up with her. The only person she can talk to is paradoxically the convicted killer of women, Robert Sturm. Despite their different uniforms and positions, a friendship develops – or is it only manipulation? To make sure Thomas Stiller’s «Angst in meinem Kopf« would be as realistic as possible, the production employed Gerd Koop, the former director of Oldenburg’s correction facility, as a consultant. Perfectly cast with Charly Hübner as an empathetic murderer and Claudia Michelsen as a distressed corrections officer, the film develops a enthralling dynamic in the oppressive atmosphere of a prison.