Don't Forget Me

Al Tishkechi Oti

ISR / FRA / GER 2017
Director : Ram Nehari
Cast : Nitai Gvirtz, Moon Shavit

87 Min. | OmeU | Original with english Subtitles
German Premiere
Independent Section

Intimate questions coldly and mechanically repeated by the nurse echo through the long florescent hall. The sound of patients getting up unwittingly from their bunk beds and the smell of hidden food gone bad in the ceiling marks just another day at the clinic for Eating Disorders. Tom’s period is back, and as she steps on the scale - reassuredby her doctor that her body is recovering - her dreams of becoming a model seem further away than ever. Neil, an awkward wannabe musician, is trying to buy a Tuba in time to join a friend to play a big European tour. Neil has big dreams. And is being treated at a psychiatric clinic. One day their paths cross. And for a single day, dreams become reality for the two outcasts who try to escape from their lives and all that is considered socially acceptable. In Nehari’s wild and wonderful world, you need to be a little bit out of your mind to fall madly in love.