Devil's Valley

GER / AUT 2019
Director : Marcus O. Rosenmüller
Cast : Hans Sigl, Marleen Lohse, Leonie Wesselow, Tonio Arango, Christian Redl, Karen Böhne, Max von Pufendorf, Johanna Gastdorf

90 Min. | OmeU | Original with english Subtitles

International Section

Marcus O. Rosenmüller puts fresh blood into of one of the great German film genres- the mountain film. Produced for the German broadcaster ZDF, he delivers a fast-paced thriller about a lawyer whose troubled private life gets entwined with one of his cases, where organized crime is involved. When his daughter gets kidnapped, a life and death chase into the title’s Devil’s Valley begins. From the immensely popular »Mountain Doctor« to the troubled German Richard Kimble, Hans Sigl embraces the role change with sheer energy. He masters all obstacles before him with flying colors. A lucky punch in German cinema. With glimpses of Roger Spottiswoode’s »Shot to Kill«, well-written characters, and elegant cinematography by prolific German DP, Peter Krause (who has lensed films for Roland Emmerich), Rosenmüller‘s latest offering rises to dramatic heights, as man faces off against nature.