Der Henker

GER 2018
Director : Michael Kreindl
Cast : Neda Rahmanian, Lenn Kudrjawizki, Kasem Hoxha, Juergen Maurer, Amelie Kiefer

88 Min. | DF | Deutsche Fassung
World Premiere
International Section

The icepick had been rammed deeply into Mladen Ribar’s heart. Tied to it is a short but direct message: corrupt pig! An apt description of the unethical building officer Mladen. But it would fit others of his kind equally. The land is diseased with corruption, fraud and cover-ups. Someone without any trust in the current legal system apparently is taking the law into his own hands. A self-declared judge and executioner using the ultima ratio to fight corruption – a brutal vendetta. The two Croatian investigators Maric and Perica are given this case that lays open the countries true pain in this laid-back vacation spot with a light blue sea and a sky devoid of clouds. As it should be for the better representatives of the crimegenre, the two policemen are soon faced with a moral dilemma. Confronted with the inadequacies of the system they represent, they now have to draw a line between good and evil – a line that has become rather blurry as of late. Michael Kreindl directs a balancing-act between a straight thriller, broken characters and plays skillfully with the danger that different interpretations of justice can create.