USA 2019
Director : Larry Fessenden
Cast : David Call, Joshua Leonard, Alex Breaux, Ana Kayne, Maria Dizzia, Chloe Levine, Owen Campbell

114 Min. | OV
German Premiere
Midnite Xpress

One would assume that mysteries and irrational fears have no place in ourdispassionate and enlightened society. Especially when the source of saidfears is a novel from the 19th century that has been packaged and reprocessedby the film industry numerous times. After the thousandth adaptation of the Frankenstein myth, little should be left unsaid. But independent master of horror Larry Fessenden, who has previously brought indie horror highlights like »Windigo« and »The Last Winter« to the screen, lifts »Frankenstein« from its dusty crypt and delivers with »Depraved« a modern and truly unique interpretation of the classic – proving that horror still has a place in today’s elucidated and technocratic world. He expertly combines the seemingly detached modern reality with the archetype of horror and weaves them into a story that breathes new life into Mary Shelley’s »Frankenstein« and confronts us with an accurate snapshot of our broken patchwork of a society.