USA 2019
Director : Rob Lambert
Cast : Zachary Ray Sherman, Sally Kirkland, Timothy V. Murphy, Monique Parent, Ecky Lamoh

115 Min. | OV
International Premiere
Independent Section

In his debut feature, the collective rage of the isolated, disenfranchised loners that inspired Red Cap leadership in America, is poignantly articulated through a surprisingly empathetic protagonist, Ronnie (in a remarkable performance by Zachary Ray Sherman, who gained 40 pounds for the role of a frustrated, unemployed loser). In the wasteland of Van Nuys, living under the roof of his possessive mother (Oscar-nom Sally Kirkland in a wickedly wry turn), Ronnie seeks respite from his anonymous existence on YouTube – as a right-wing extremist blogger. From lost boy to lone shooter – `Make America Great Again’ could not be more timely.