Cat Sticks

IND 2019
Director : Ronny Sen
Cast : Tanmay Dhanania, Joyraj Bhattacharya, Sumeet Thakur, Rahul Dutta, Saurabh Saraswat, Kalpan Mitra, Soumyajit Majumdar, Sreejita Mitra, Sounak Kundu, Raja Chakravorty

94 Min. | OmeU
European Premiere
Independent Section

On a rainy night in Calcutta, a group of desperate addicts chase brown sugar, but the permanent intoxication they seek proves elusive. First time feature filmmaker, Ronny Sen, weaves their stories into a chiaroscuro, traverses them through states of high and low, spaces real and unreal. A relentless downpour plays backdrop to lives balanced on a precarious high. Some of them seek a release, while others don’t seem to want the night to end. From its World Premiere in Slamdance, this haunting and poetic cinematic gem marks the powerful debut of a new voice in cinema.