Bruder Schwester Herz

GER 2019
Director : Tom Sommerlatte
Cast : Sebastian Fräsdorf, Karin Hanczewski, Wolfgang Packhäuser

105 Min. | OmeU

Independent Section

The siblings Lilly and Franz try to keep their father’s cattle farm afloat. Franz enjoys his role as a cowboy and seems content in a place between rural livingand trysts with the village girls. Lily wants more. In her longing for a life beyond work and existential needs, she does not only risk the close relationship she has with her brother. Only while quarreling both realize that their relationship went beyond family. The sometimes intense, sometimes light-footed performances by Sebastian Fräsdorf and Karin Hanczewki creates a tensionthat oscillates between a sibling-comedy and a tragic love story. A movie like late summer in the country, with a touch of Western, many suppressed emotions and a terrific selection of songs. After the 2015 Oldenburg-winner »Summers Downstairs«, director Tom Sommerlatte has made another present to the audience: a country idyll with discords that is, simply put, refreshingly narrated German cinema. The fact that he, once again, tackles the bond between siblings might be due to the fact that he grew up with ten of them.