GER 2018
Director : Thomas Stiller
Cast : Dietmar Bär, Klaus J. Behrendt, Marco Hofschneider, Isabelle Thierauch, Adrian Topol, Ralph Herforth, Alessija Lause, Sascha Alexander Geršak

89 Min. | DF | Deutsche Fassung
World Premiere
International Section

His job is risky and perilous. Even the slightest mistake could be the end of him. But when the experienced bomb disposal expert Peter Krämer is called on to recover a bomb from WWII, actually everything goes according to protocol. The bomb is successfully salvaged and brought to a bunker for further handling. Expertly, calmly and with full control over his facilities, Krämer gets to work. The resulting explosion is as surprising as it is inexplicable. None of his colleagues believe in a failure on Krämer’s part, he was too experienced for that. But his private life seems inconspicuous. He was professionally successful, had an apparently happy marriage and just moved into a new house. But the façade of the perfectly square citizen begins to crumble when the legendary team of investigators, Ballauf and Schenk, discover inconsistencies that make it increasingly likely that the bomb was tampered with. In their usually casual manner, wearing cowboy boots and driving heavy American limousines, they dive into their explosive 71st case and become the most-employed investigators in the »Tatort«-universe.