Bis die Welt einen Rand bekommt

GER 2019
Director : Daniel Bertram
Cast : Lisa Hagmeister, Alicia Valencia Pollex, Günther Harder, Hendrik Massute

90 Min. | DFmeU | Deutsche Fassung mit englischen Untertiteln
World Premiere
Independent Section

Flo‘s father is in a coma. She touches his finger, whispers in his ear – but there is never a reaction. Meanwhile, her mother has to face the most difficult of questions: when to take him off life support. In her powerlessness, she allows her child the only way out of this situation she can think of. A flight intoa fantasy that will increasingly turn into a parallel world, with her father being an astronaut on his way to the moon. With Lisa Hagmeister in the role of the desperate mother, director Daniel Bertram has cast one of the most fascinating faces of new German cinema. Her acting gives the film gravity, which allows Bertram to bring Flo‘s parallel world alive with the near-weightlessness of aflight to the moon. These images possess a hypnotic quality, making this anextraordinarily stylistically confident debut.