Annas Mutter

GER 1984
Director : Burkhard Driest
Cast : Gudrun Landgrebe, Rolf Zacher, Verena Corinna

93 Min. | OV


Marianne‘s not quite idyllic country life in Driest‘s drama evaporates, as she tries to bring some stability into her unruly life as a barkeeper. When her seven-year-old daughter Anna vanishes and is killed by a sex offender, all her efforts at finding some sense in life suddenly become superfluous. The culprit is quickly identified and brought to court, but it will not be the judge‘s ruling that brings justice. Marianne smuggles a revolver into the courtroom and fires seven rounds. In his only film as a director, Driest tells the true story of Marianne Bachmeier, who shot her daughter‘s murderer in court in 1981. In Gudrun Landgrebe, he found the perfect actress for the attractive, fun-loving Marianne and her story, which fascinated the Federal Republic of Germany in the early 80s and showcased the uglier parts of tabloid journalism. A beautiful woman, a murdered child, vigilante justice and disclosures – and the painful realization for any democracy that moral has to be defined by individuals. Without claiming moral jurisdiction, Driest leaves it to the audience to take a look under the surface and thereby finds the core of the story and the person.