Angriff auf Wache 08

GER 2019
Director : Thomas Stuber
Cast : Ulrich Tukur, Peter Kurth, Barbara Philipp, Thomas Schmauser, Christina Große

90 Min. | OV

International Section

His plan to visit his former colleague Brenner brings federal police officer Felix Murot to the deepest German provinces. Police station 08 in Offenbach is about to be closed; realistically it is already cut off from the outside world. Good thing that there is not much crime in this godforsaken place. But there is an eclipse coming on outside, as gang members flock together to take over the station, as somebody there has incurred their anger. Like in John Carpenter’s classic »Assault on Precinct 13«, action and reaction is what it’s all about. Thomas Stuber drives his characters ahead like billiard balls on deep green felt. So much love for genre and gunfire haven’t been seen in Germany for a long time.