All Square

USA 2017
Director : John Hyams
Cast : Michael Kelly, Jesse Ray Sheps, Josh Lucas, Pamela Adlon, Tom Everett Scott

99 Min. | OV | Originalversion
International Premiere
Independent Section

John Hyams’ action films have established him as one of the most exciting filmmakers of modern American cinema. His »Universal Soldier: The Reckoning« was attested a surrealistic power that compared to Coppola’s »Apocalypse Now«, its action sequences are among the best the genre has to offer. With »All Square« he enters different terrain, confidently directing a slow-burn comedy about a loser named John who has a one-night-stand with an ex, then grudgingly befriends her 12-year-old son. While taking the kid to a baseball game, he comes up with the glorious plan to become a bookmaker for Little League games. What starts out as an entrepreneurial dream quickly brings an entire small town to the edge of sanity. Actor Michael Kelly is wonderful as a guy who wants to do everything right, only to find out that he remains a hopeless loser. Hyams’ direction hones in on every nuance and punchline, knocking the halo of baseball, the sacred cow among American sports, right into the outfield in a way that has not been seen since »The Bad News Bears«. A stroke of luck for American cinema.