USA / GER / ISL / MEX 2018
Director : Maria Solrun
Cast : Magnús Mariuson, Eszter Tompa, Floriane Daniel, Julia Kratz, Hans Brückner, Gabo Hoog, Matthiar Renner

71 Min. | OmU/OmeU | Original with german and english subtitles

International Section

Berlin‘s gritty Neukölln district. A young hearing-impaired Adam (20) faces a life and death decision when his alcoholic mother, a techno musician, gets hospitalized and diagnosed with permanent brain damage. She had made him promise to help her die if that ever happened. Without anybody to turn to he becomes determined to end her misery. Only after a chance Tinder date with a girl from Romania pregnant with someone else’s child, does Adam find a way out of his crisis. In her second feature film, the Icelandic-born director collaborated
with friends and family in a delicate story inspired by her real life experience with her mother. Her own son, Magnus, stars as Adam, and her daughter Liinaplays his mother at a young age. Both children witnessed the burdening effects that their grandmother’s extended illness had on their mother. And although euthanasia is one of the subjects of the film, this poignant story is also about the unfair burdens (like the one his mother imposes on Adam) a parent can inflict on a child. »We bequeath all kinds of stuff to the next generation and often growing up into a healthy person means getting rid of that load«, shares the director. And with »Adam«, the emotional wounds of three generations seek healing.