Opening Night Gala

Festive opening of the festival through the film »Unforgiven« by Sarik Andreasyan.

OLB Walk of Fame

Honorary Tribute Star of Excellence on OLB Walk of Fame hosted by the OLB.

All Filmfest fans are cordially invited when the next star is revealed on the  Walk of Fame.

Mid-Festival Gala

German Independence Award Ceremony at Oldenburg State Theatre . Bruce Robinson and Keith Carradine will be presented with their Honorary Tribute and Retrospective Awards followed by the Mid-Fest Gala Screening of »King of Beasts« by Tomer Almagor and Nadav Harel.

Filmfest VIP Party @ Klinkerburg

Located in the histroic train station in the inner City with its big change hall and glamorous back-rooms. Unwind with a drink in your hand or drive on the fast track till dawn.

Only 200 tickets in advance at all box offices and in the restaurant Klinkerburg.

Sunday Shorts

A selection of Short Films presented at the Exerzierhalle.

Closing Night Gala

Presentation of the German Independence Awards followed by the offizial Closing Night Film »Promise at Dawns« by Eric Barbier.