»While Oldenburg remains primarily a 'pure' film festival, with no official market or industry screenings, Neumann last year itroduced an industry-friendly element, the Matchbox co-production lounge, to bring together experienced filmmakers and emerging talents to help make impossible projects happen.«

- The Hollywood Reporter, 2017


»The main focus of Gebrueder Beetz is to develop and produce highbrow and intense stories for TV and Cinemas around the globe. Torsten’s Filmfest Oldenburg and the MatchBox event helps us to reach out to fantastic producers, filmmakers and screenwriters in the US and the Scandinavian world. We like to come back, like always to join forces - and after all -  make the world a better place.«

- Reinhardt Beetz, Executive Producer Gebrueder Beetz


»It was refreshing to participate in a coproduction meeting that was casual and informal unlike most others. I believe that this approach is mandatory to artists who are by nature introverted and struggle to “sell themselves” to financiers. I am very grateful for the Festival for connecting me with a lot of potential partners that could help me make my film.«

- Dunja Kusturica, Screenwriter Fake Oxygen


»An unforgettable experience with excellent organization, friendly staff and a lot of good movies. A place where I had the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people and exchanges ideas. Hope to see you again next year.«

- Pedja Licina, Film Director The Last Serb in Crotia


»Es ist besonders inspirierend, den Input erfahrener Filmemacher zu bekommen. Die ungezwunge Atmosphäre nach den kurzen Vorstellungen der Projekte hat uns gut gefallen und es ermöglicht, dass man sich sehr direkt und offen miteinander unterhalten hat. Diese entspannte Einladung zum Austausch und zur Produktivität habe ich bei einem Pitch in diesem Format selten erlebt.«

- Diana Weilepp, Schwarseher GmbH


»Es ist einer der effizientesten Festival-Events dieser Art, die ich kenne, (...)ich bin mehr als überzeugt, weil man in etwas mehr als 2 Stunden sehr viele Einblicke in die einzelnen Projekte bekommt, ihre Macher und/oder Produzenten kennenlernt, mit denen man vorher zufällig (und auch noch nachher noch willentlich) zusammensitzen kann. Die Vorarbeit vom MatchBox Team ist vorbildlich, die Arbeit wird nicht in unnütze Papierberge, sondern in effiziente Infos gesteckt.
To make a long story short: Ich liebe Matchbox und werde auch beim Jubiläumsfestival
danach Ausschau halten.«

- Paul Thiltges, Paul Thiltges Distributions


»Oldenburg's network of fans, fellow travelers and likeminded indiefilm freaks also was the driving force behind Matchbox, a coproduction market the festival is launching this year. Indevelopment titles presenting as part of the inaugural Matchbox include one of the indie scene's hottest turnaround projects, Buddy Giovinazzo's Potsdamer Platz, a crime drama about a New Jersey mob family trying to expand their business internationally.«

- The Hollywood Reporter, 2016


»Thank you for a great weekend in Oldenburg. Both the producers we brought with us, and me and Inge who represented Filminvest, enjoyed our stay. We liked the informal vibe of the event, and were in fact so inspired that the next mingling event we are arranging ourselves (in Berlin, during the film festival) will be modelled after your Matchbox. We liked that you did not use PowerPoint, but instead let the producers pitch from the sofa, and the American host was great at keeping it all tight and well-formulated. Our producers made some new contacts, and I expect that we will be back next year!«

- Ingvild Bjerkeland, Filminvest Norway