The Castle in the Forest

Writer: Norman Mailer

Producer: Michael Mailer

Format: Limited Series

Logline: Based on the final novel by Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Norman Mailer, the story is centered on Adolf Hitler’s childhood as seen through the eyes of Dieter, a demon sent to put him on his destructive path.

Synopsis: There is an old German saying, "Böser Vogel, böses Ei" - A bad bird lays a bad egg. The final work of fiction from Norman Mailer, a defining voice of the postwar era, is one of his most ambitious. In his renowned novel, he investigates the boyhood and formative years of Adolph Hitler and his family. The story is centered on a mysterious SS man, in possession of extraordinary secrets, who follows Adolf from birth through adolescence and offers illuminating portraits of Hitler’s parents and siblings. With a pallet of remarkable characters, the story delivers numerous twists and turns that lend themselves perfectly for adaptation to the serial format. With razor sharp insights, the story investigates the eternal struggle between good and evil that exists in us all.

Match-Point: As the project is in very early stages of development, we are potentially looking to attach a German co-producer/writer who could jump onboard creatively and assist in securing funding from Germany.


  • Budget available: No
  • Funding attached: No
  • Committed Actors: No
  • Producers: Yes
  • Co-Producers: No
  • Project Package: No