Pleasant Hills

Writers: Nico Mansy/David Henri Martin

Based on Barbara Abel’s best-selling novel ‘Duelle’

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Logline: When Lucy, a shy housewife and mother of two, goes on a TV show hoping to meet her birth mother, she comes face to face with a familiar yet ominous force that threatens to shatter her idyllic family life.

Synopsis: Lucy (mid 30s) lives a picture perfect family life in suburbia – two kids, a handsome husband and a mini van. However, behind this blissful façade, she carries a sadness of unfulfilled dreams and a trauma from the past. As a child, Lucy was given up for adoption and never met her biological family. Everything changes when a TV show reconnects her with her estranged identical twin Angela, who was raised by different adoptive parents. The two sisters instantly bond and Angela moves in with Lucy’s family. What starts off as a happy reunion slowly takes a turn for the worse when Angela’s ulterior motives become apparent and threaten Lucy’s quiet family life. But is Lucy’s life truly what it appears to be? The tension builds up to a shocking reveal that exposes sexual abuse and dark intrigues.

Match-Point: Pleasant Hills is slated to be followed by a TV series spin-off currently in development. We are looking for a potential producer for the film format.



• Budget: Yes

• Funding: No

• Actors attached: No

• Producers: No

• Co-producers: No

• Project package: Yes



Nico Mansy