Monash of Australia

Writer/Director: Philippe Mora

Producer: Jim McElroy

Genre: Biography/War

Logline: The story of Sir John Monash, legendary Australian military commander of the First World War

Synopsis: Sir John Monash is one of the greatest Australians. He was a scholar, soldier and monumental historical figure you’ve probably never heard of.  As the chief of the Australian forces in WWI, Monash crashed through the enemy lines in 1918 and triggered the end of the war. Although he is way more significant in World history than, for example, Lawrence of Arabia, he has not been widely recognized or celebrated in a film. One of the reasons for this was that Monash faced various prejudices being of German Jewish heritage. However, despite this, he became the first Jewish general to command an army since biblical times, as well as the first general to be knighted on the battleground in 400 years. His major military achievement will be a centerpiece of the film, when at around 4AM on August 8th, 1918 he launched the biggest attack of the war with 250,00 soldiers, tanks, horses, cannons and planes at Amiens on the Western Front. With current digital technology we can now create the impossible--a recreation of the battle, designed meticulously by Monash, which changed the course of human civilization. In the tradition of the greatest war films, the film will show the intense human emotions behind the extraordinary spectacle and action of humanity fighting for its highest ideals. No one symbolizes those ideals more than this Aussie battler.

Match-Point: With producer Jim McElroy (Picnic at Hanging Rock; Year of Living Dangerously), we are seeking a German writer and producer to jump onboard with us on the project. A detailed budget is currently in preparation but the estimation is set around US 10 million. We estimate 40% of the budget from Australia. Various significant parties are involved which can be disclosed in confidence to interested entities.



Budget: Yes

Funding attached: No

Committed actors: Disclosed in confidence

Producers: Yes

Co-producers: No

Project Package: Yes 



Jim McElroy


Philippe Mora