Writer/Director: Maya Vitkova-Kosev

Genre: Drama/Magical Realism

Logline: A year in the life of Raya and her family, and their magical journey through love and loss.

Synopsis: Raya, an artist in her 40s, who wants a child, is left by her partner. She needs to start anew, but her grief is there, beside her – a living African elephant in her flat. Raya’s way to move on is by giving the love memories, along with the grief, back to her ex…

Half a year earlier, Raya’s mother has passed away. Taking the ash urn with her remains, her father, a retired professor, flees by car to scatter the ashes. While picking up hitchhikers on the road, it becomes clear that he has spent his life trying to prove that the Garden of Eden was at a Lake in Bulgaria. Everyone thinks he is crazy. The old Professor gets to the lake by sunset. He scatters the ashes of his beloved, only to receive a present from Heaven…

Another half a year earlier: Raya's nephews, two boys, at 12 and at 8, are locked home in the New Year’s Eve. They are bored, nothing interesting ever happens... But when Raya and the family joins for dinner, the boys’ parents announce their divorce. They will be separating the brothers in the New Year – the teenager will live with his father, while the little one will live with his mother. The older boy breaks down, but the younger one is there to save him.

Match-Point: We are looking for additional partners to co-produce AFRIKA, but also continuously work with on a long-term basis, as we did with Mandragora, Romania so far. The co-producers we are looking for are not just “money source” for the film, but will be creatively involved in the realization of AFRIKA. We are leaving the key creative positions (apart from writer/director and D.o.P.) vacant for foreign crew, which can enrich the story and make the film more artistic and communicative on all possible levels.        


o Budget available: Yes

o Funding attached: Yes 

o Committed Actors: No

o Producers: Yes

o Co-Producers: Yes

o Project Package available: Yes


Contact Info:

Maya Vitkova-Kosev

Mobile: +359 884 905 220