Match with the Macedonian Film Agency

Join us at the Matchbox Coproduction Lounge to learn more about the advantages of choosing the Macedonian Film Agency as an exciting international coproduction partner.

With a rich history in film production, the Macedonian Film Agency strives to provide continuous support for independent filmmakers through:

  • Fast and affordable cash rebates for feature films, documentaries, animated films, television films and TV-series
  • Exceptional local production companies with skilled crew, competitive costs and top of the line post-production services for films: CGI, VFX, SFX etc.
  • Untouched landscapes and four distinct seasons, where the ancient is inextricably blended with the modern, Macedonia offers countless unique and picturesque shooting locations.

For questions and more information please contact us at:

Macedonian Film Agency
Tel +389 2 3224 100