2009 Sherry Hormann shines
2011 Stars of Excellence Reunite
2016 Bullseye for Larry Jack Fessenden
2016 Cage at OLB Walk of Fame
2015 More Human Than Human
2016 Wild at heart for Nicolas Cage
2016 The Child of Nouvelle Vague
2008 Standing Ovations for Reach for Me
2010 Master of the Game
2005 Filmfests legendary Secret Party
2001 Before Keira was Keira
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2015 Armitage arrives in style
2017 The Revolutionary
2004 Oldenburgs traditional Monse Soup
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2016 Love Affair with Jean Asselborn
1998 Til there was Til
2010 The Spell of Cassel
2005 Teachers Pets the Wilson Bros
2012 The Sister Soul of Sorvino
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2012 Doing Time with Butch Walker
2010 Lounging with a legend Radley Metzger