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PR 8: Cage and Plummer to join Honoré


“It’s been almost 40 years of doing this, and I’ve gone through different reinventions of film and performance, by design, just to stay interested. I love art, I love music. I can listen to Stockhausen and a very experimental, avant-garde approach, and I can listen to Beethoven and have a more classical, traditional approach. Why not be able to do that with film performance?”

- Nicolas Cage

And he has. With performances ranging from cinema verité to the operatic, he breaks molds like the creative greats in all art forms – from Edvard Munch to Stravinsky - he embraces the entire spectrum of his craft and informs it with his unique choices and unapologetic realizations.

And like those icons of modern art, and classical music, Nicolas Cage is an icon of modern cinema.

With over 80 credits to his name, he is one of the most prolific actors of our time. 1987s “Raising Arizona” brought him his first nomination for an acting award. To date: 1 Oscar, 40 wins, and 60 nominations would follow. As would a career that has defied all odds. In 1996, befittingly, he won an Oscar for his role as a gambler of life in “Leaving Las Vegas”. In David Lynch’s 1990 classic, “Wild At Heart”, released from prison, he’s handed a snakeskin jacket - tailor made for an artist who sheds skins seamlessly - transforming the essence of his being. On the map and in the spotlight, he defied Hollywood typecasting, and boldly jumped genres. Growing up watching Sean Connery as James Bond, he would now star alongside him in “The Rock” earning a best actor Blockbuster Award and marking the birth of a global action star. Ever the artist, with 1997s action flick “Face/Off” he borrowed from his earlier work on 1988s “Vampire’s Kiss”, where he drew from his childhood at 5 years old with his dad - watching films like “The Cabinent of Dr. Caligari”. “It’s all about the memory of Nosferatu; that Germanic expressionistic acting style.” Another mold broken. Action star redefined.

“I’m in control of being of control”- Nicolas Cage.

In control, breaking molds, shedding skins, and wild at heart.

The Oldenburg International Film Festival is honored to present a trilogy of his films representative of the extraordinary breadth of his artistry: “Leaving Las Vegas”, “Wild At Heart”, and “Face/Off”.

Nicolas Cage will attend Oldenburg from September 14-17, 2016, during which he will be honored on September 16th at the Honorary Awards Ceremony at the State Theatre.


For her roles on stage and screen, she’s won Tony Awards, Emmys, Golden Globe nomination, been nominated in every film genre category – from BAFTAs, Comedy Awards, to Fangoria Chainsaw Awards – and won Film Critics Awards and a Saturn from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror. 

Yet out of character, in her role as Amanda Plummer – she goes unrecognized. And for an actor renowned for her ability to completely transform herself, this is the ultimate compliment. Sidney Lumet compared her to a young Marlon Brando, calling her a wellspring of ‘unfathomable’ talent. Her “Pulp Fiction” producer, Lawrence Bender, likened her to a ‘chameleon you can’t take your eyes off’. And with an uncanny gift for flawless accents, Peter O’Toole likened her imitative skills to that of a mynah bird. Physically, emotionally, and vocally, in each role – Amanda is invisible.

As the child of theatre luminaries, disappearing into roles came naturally. Her father, Oscar-winner Christopher Plummer, is one the greatest stage actors in the world. Her mother, Tammy Grimes – a Tony Award-winning Broadway star. In her 1st film role in 1981, The New Yorker’s Pauline Kael wrote, “The only other actress I’ve seen make a movie debut so excitingly, weirdly lyrical was Katherine Hepburn.” From frail to fierce, she is unrecognizable from role to role. And after a decade of brilliant turns on stage and screen, the role of the shy object of Robin Williams’ affection in 1991s “The Fisher King” earned her mainstream movie attention. Her trigger-happy robber in 1994s “Pulp Fiction” earned her a cult following, and as a bisexual serial killer in 1996s “Butterfly Kiss” she raised her own bar and terrified audiences with her brutal honesty. With over 100 screen credits to her name, from indie dramas to blockbusters, she continues to draw from that wellspring of unfathomable talent.

The Oldenburg International Film Festival is honored to present a trilogy of her films representative of her transformational artistry: “The Fisher King”, “Pulp Fiction”, and “Butterfly Kiss”.

Amanda Plummer will attend Oldenburg from September 14-18, 2016, during which she will be honored on September 16th at the Honorary Awards Ceremony at the State Theatre.


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