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Pursuit of Loneliness

USA, 2012, 95 (min)
International Premiere

  • Director: Laurence Thrush
  • Cast: Joy Hille, Sandra Escalante, Monique Flores, Sharon Munfus, Kirsi Toivanen, Natalie Fouron

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Laurence Thrush

Following his acclaimed doc »Fidel’s Fight«, short-listed for Best Young Director at Clio Awards in Cannes 2003, the British-born writer/director’s 2008 feature film debut, »Left-Handed«, won top awards at Milano, L’Aquila, Rhodes Island, and screened in competition at Rotterdam. His powerful 2nd feature premiered in Sundance 2012.

An old woman dies in a hospital. The usual routine starts. Standard procedures
are carried out, and like cogs in a machine everyone sees to their duties until
her next of kin is contacted. But for Cynthia Ratsch the routine doesn’t work.
She has no family and no close friends – the only person who knew that she was
in hospital was her pharmacist. So Cynthia’s case requires a different routinean
investigator to take over and visit her home to search for clues. And a life
that had been kept secret from the outside world is dragged into view.
Laurence Thrush’s film portrays the bureaucracy that deals with these unfortunate
cases. Every scene puts together pieces of their lives, and thus brings
these victims of isolation and neglect back into society posthumously. Thrush
uses intimate black and white imagery and a cast of real doctors, nurses, and
investigators to
great effect, creating an authentic documentary style without
sacrificing any of the drama, which the search for Cynthia’s life entails.


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