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, 2012, 90 (min)
Digibeta, DF
World Premiere

  • Director: Klaus Krämer
  • Cast: Dominic Raacke, Boris Aljinovic, Edgar Selge, Lena Stolze, Mika Seidel, Jacob Walser

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Klaus Krämer

Klaus Krämer was born in 1964 in Gosheim and studied film at the DFFB in Berlin. His debut feature was the 1998 dark comedy “Drei Chinesen mit dem Kontrabass”, which won several awards. He worked as writer and director for several episodes of Tatort and Polizeiruf 110 television series.

Crime takes no holidays. And just days before Easter a kidnapping takes
place, and young Benjamin Steiner is abducted from his music lesson. When
the kidnapper finally gets in touch with the police the usual routine starts.
Under strict surveillance, the child’s mother hands over the half million Euros
demanded. But then something happens that couldn’t have been foreseen: the
kidnapper starts giving away the money to passersby and lets the police arrest
him without any struggle. He even confesses to the crime. The only thing he
withholds is the whereabouts of the kid. Left alone, the clock is ticking down
on Benjamin’s life- if the police don’t find him by Easter Sunday he will in all
likelihood die of dehydration. Crime specialist Klaus Krämer, who wrote and
directed this Tatort, has carefully developed the psychological intricacies of
this investigation. He has assembled a magnificent cast who bring the drama
and suspense to life. He has worked with actors Edgar Selge and Boris Aljinovic
before on his acclaimed »Drei Chinesen mit dem Kontrabass«, and the two are
joined by Dominic Raacke playing Detective Ritter.


JVA Oldenburg 16.09.12 - 16:30
OLB-Kino im CinemaxX 3 15.09.12 - 17:40