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California Solo

USA, 2012, 93 (min)
German Premiere

  • Director: Marshall Lewy
  • Cast: Robert Carlyle, Alexia Rasmussen, A Martinez

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Marshall Lewy

Born in 1977, this Harvard Grad and MFA Columbia University Alum burst onto the scene with his 2008 Rom-Com, BLUE STATE, starring Oscar-winner Anna Paquin. With his 2nd feature, CALIFORNIA SOLO, writer/director Lewy premiered in 2012’s Sundance and selected for Competition in Deauville.

»An unexpected gem, Solo features a stunning central performance
from Carlyle - perhaps his best since Trainspotting’s Begbie - and
don’t be surprised if this turns up during the 2013 awards season.«
Total Film

Lachlan is a washed up Britpop star, and »California Solo« could be the title
track of the guitar-strummers peaceful life in the quiet farmlands on the outskirts of Los Angeles. With his glory days long past, this divorced deadbeat dad has settled into a numbed existence. By day he’s an organic farm worker.
By night, he records a podcast called »Flame-Outs« where he »considers the
tragic and sometimes spectacular deaths of the worlds greatest musicians«.
With a friendly boss, Warren, and a best pal in any bottle of whiskey he can
find, Lachlan’s life seems secure and solo in California. But when a DUI charge
pulls up a past drug offence, he faces deportation back to the UK– which
means facing a past he thought he’d escaped. Robert Carlyle delivers a pitchperfect performance in Lewy’s magnificent landscape of personal redemption. Lensed in mellow hues and with an acoustic soundtrack in harmony with the bruised soul of its charming yet tortured protagonist, we enter a
world where ultimately no one plays solo.


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