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Cameraman: The Life & Work of Jack Cardiff

, 2010, 86 (min)
, OV

  • Director: Craig McCall

Craig McCall

At 19, he was awarded a Scottish Film Council grant, making him the youngest filmmaker ever to receive this honor. After graduating from Bournemouth & Poole College, he directed commercials and music videos. His documentaries >>The Colour Merchant<< and >>Painting with Light<< screened at festivals worldwide, and >>Cameraman<< is a critical sensation.

>>I’ll keep working for ten more years and then I’m going to cut back a bit<< the 91-year old Jack Cardiff jokes at the beginning of Craig McCall’s beautiful portrait of the camera veteran who died in 2009. McCall collected and filmed his material over several years and he captured a number of likeable but also deeply meaningful and thought-provoking moments. The legendary British cinematographer ranks among Europe’s foremost Technicolor-pioneers and worked with the likes of Michael Powell, Alfred Hitchcock and John Huston. McCall uses original footage by Cardiff and interviews contemporaries like Kirk Douglas, Lauren Bacall, Charlton Heston or Martin Scorsese, but mostly it is Cardiff who is carrying the narrative. This focus guarantees an analytical view of the composition and creation of the cinematic image, be it Cardiff’s work on >>The Red Shoes<<, >>African Queen<< or >>Rambo II<<. Cardiff also explains his use of lighting, which he copied from master painters like Vermeer, Van Gogh or Turner. 


CinemaxX 8 15.09.11 - 22:30
Casablanca 18.09.11 - 20:00