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ITA, 2017, 116 (min)
, OmeU
International Premiere

  • Director: Silvio Soldini
  • Cast: Valeria Golino, Adriano Giannini

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Silvio Soldini

With 21 wins & 38 nominations, the works of the Italian documentary & filmmaker are too vast to mention. His first comedy 2000’s “Bread and Tulips” won 9 Italian Oscars. Reteaming with Valeria Golino who starred in his 1997 film “Le Acrobate”, he brings us his latest labor of love.

In a dark room during an AD agency pitch, Teo becomes memorized by the sexy voice of a stranger. The work-obsessed womanizer can’t immediately see her, but he will soon discover that she can’t see him either. Emma (Valeria Golino) is a gorgeous vibrant osteopath who lost her sight at the age of 16. She is divorced and available. And the idea of dating a blind woman intrigues the playboy. She is different from any other woman he’s met. And he has met a few. But when their fling blossoms into love, he finds himself in unchartered territory as ways of seeing collide. Emma sees through the façade of this emotionally disabled man – with whom a future is impossible. She is no fool, and is clear visioned. Roles are reverse as Teo’s life darkens, and two lives are forever changed. Inspired by the individuals who entrusted director Silvio Soldini with their stories in his 2014 documentary with blind people “For Other Eyes”, from its World Premiere in Venice, the acclaimed auteur brings his light
– shining brighter than ever.


Exerzierhalle 16.09.17 - 19:00
Exerzierhalle 17.09.17 - 14:30