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USA, 2017, 85 (min)
, OmeU
World Premiere

  • Director: Santiago Rizzo
  • Cast: Lou Diamond Phillips, Dash Mihok, Betsy Brandt, Gregory Kasyan, Lakeith Stanfield

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Santiago Rizzo

In 2013, the Stanford Grad of Economics shut down his hedge fund and picked up a script he’d written 10 years earlier with his teacher, Tim, who’d saved his life. “Quest” was their story – and Santiago promised him he’d share it. Tim passed away in 2011. And with his 1st feature, Santiago fulfills his promise.

Mills is a troubled child, ditching school whenever he can and tagging the neighborhood with his – by now - infamous moniker, ‘Quest.’ His mother is helpless, his alcoholic stepfather regularly beats him. Only Tim Moellering, the local football coach and teacher sees in Mills what others routinely overlook. An intelligent, creative child with a desperate need to belong, to be respected and loved. For director Santiago Rizzo, “Quest” is not just a labor of love, but the story of his life and an enduring monument to the late Tim Moellering, who plucked him off the streets of Berkley and gave him a home, a shoulder to lean on and the safety and security no child should be without. Perfectly cast with newcomer Gregory Kasyan as Mills, Dash Mihok stars as the humble teacher, and Hollywood legend, Lou Diamond Phillips, is a tour-de-force as Mill’s abusive stepfather. “Quest” emerges as a subtle reminder that one person’s kindness can make all the difference in another one’s life. And while the story of a kid being saved by the kindness of a near-stranger is not without peers in the cinematic universe, Rizzo’s debut as a director is certainly in a league of its own when it comes to authenticity, the courage to confront one’s own past and, last but not least, a fitting tribute to a man willing to make a difference.


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