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The Prophet of Creative Destruction

GER, 2016, 60 (min)
Blu-Ray, OmU
World Premiere

  • Director: Detlef Siebert

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Detlef Siebert

Siebert is a German TV writer, director and producer, based in the UK. He started his career with producing documentaries for the BBC and garnered critical acclaim for his 2014 doc »I Was There: The Great War Interviews« for which he used never shown footage of eyewitnesses, filmed by the BBC in the 1960s.

Best lover in Vienna, best rider in Europe and greatest economist in the world. These were Joseph Schumpeter’s humble goals. He later added that he had inherited a sub-optimal saddle and therefore could only fulfill two of them. There is no historical evidence that he really was the best lover in all of Vienna, but his current position as the most relevant economist – or at least one of them – is rarely questioned. No matter if we have a smartphone in our hand, use a streaming-service or drive a Tesla – we all celebrate his central idea: creative destruction. Constant deterioration through constant innovation, where every recession leads to future growth and no entrepreneur can stay relevant without constantly adapting or, in a best case scenario, constantly reinventing. During Schumpeter’s time, which was shaped by the Great Depression, Keynes’ New Deal and an even bigger World War, nobody could believe that such destruction would lead to bigger and better things. But today, at least after our most recent financial crisis, we know that he was right all along and bear his legacy: the cursed blessing of everlasting capitalism.


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