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BEL, 2017, 87 (min)
Midnite Xpress
German Premiere

  • Director: Jérôme Vandewayttne
  • Cast: Jeremy Alonzi, Allan Snon, Jean-Jaques Thomsin, David D'Inverno, Bouli Lanners

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Jérôme Vandewayttne

The Belgian writer/director/editor/ and cinematographer studied at IAD and ISFSC, creating his 1st short “She’s A Slut” in 2011, which screened at Brussels IFF. After directing 2014’s series “What the Fake?”, he toured with “The Experimental Tropic Blues Band for 2 years, inspiring his first feature “Spit’n Split".

Bum hole bars on the margins of madness; heavy drinking, hangovers and hardships, all shift before our eyes as we follow The Experimental Tropic Blues Band, a shoestring band of middle-aged rockers, on their road trip through the dark n’ dirty alleys of consciousness. Fascinated by the 70s underground cinema, director Jérôme Vandewattyne followed the Belgian rock band for 2 years on the road capturing all the craziness through the lens of his camera. This journey gave birth to Spit‘n’Split, an exhilarating meeting point of documentary style naturalism and surrealist, experimental exploration. Dark, gritty and grotesque, the film brings to mind “Man Bites Dog”, the legendary mockumentary from the early 90’s, and feels like it’s future colleague in the class of “classic cult films”. A stunning experience.


theater hof /19 14.09.17 - 21:30
theater hof /19 15.09.17 - 23:45