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Der Fall Holdt

GER, 2017, 90 (min)
World Premiere

  • Director: Anne Zohra Berrached
  • Producer: Kerstin Ramcke
  • Editor: Denys Darahan
  • Cinematographer: Bernhard Keller
  • Screenwriter: Jan Braren
  • Cast: Maria Furtwängler, Aljoscha Stadelmann, Susanne Bormann, Moritz Jahn

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Anne Zohra Berrached

With a degree in social pedagogy, the German graduate of Film Academy Baden-Württemberg debuted with “Zwei Mütter,” winning Best Script at 2013’s Berlinale. Her graduate film “24 Weeks” was awarded at Berlinale and won Best Film Silver at 2017’s German Film Awards.

„Der Fall Holdt“ is less a crime-story, but the dismantlement of a man whose middle class existence is thrown into deep abyss. And so is he, when his wife falls victim to an obscure kidnapping. Frank Holdt’s own existence as a bank manager is not much more than a façade, courtesy of his in-laws and their money. As he tries in vain to use his bank’s cash reserves as a ransom payment, his sham of an existence is falling apart. Detective Charlotte Lindholm, who is finally called in to solve the case, is his polar opposite. She is distinguished, self-sufficient and strong. An aristocrat in a profession which is otherwise filled with timid civil servants and bureaucracy. An ambivalent duel between the two ensues in one of the smartest and most intense German crime-stories in recent memory.


Casablanca 1 14.09.17 - 16:30
JVA 16.09.17 - 16:30