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Bag Boy, Lover Boy

, 2014, 77 (min)
Midnite Xpress
, OV
International Premiere

  • Director: Andres Torres
  • Producer: Andres Torres , Ziyad Saadi
  • Editor: Charlie Williams
  • Cinematographer: Anna Franquesa Solano
  • Screenwriter: Andres Torres, Toni Comas
  • Cast: John Wächter, Theodore Bouloukos, Kathy Biehl

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Andres Torres

After graduating from university in Mexico City with a BA in Communications, he moved to New York to pursue film studies, and formed EXU Media - a production company and rental house dedicated to producing and financing unique horror films. With his background in directing and cinematography, he’s done numerous shorts. This is his 1st feature. And unique it is.

When New York still had corners where no tourist would dare to go after dark, there was a time when there was also a certain kind of cinema that was filled with characters just as dark as New York itself. Abel Ferrara always examined those dark sides of his city in his movies, and Frank Henenlotter exclusively placed his characters in the those darkest corners of 42nd Street. Tragic heroes, mortified and rejected by society. At some point they would stand up, asserting themselves, shouting out loud ›it’s my turn now‹. De Niro’s taxi driver led this army of unnoticed. But with the domestication of New York, the city faced the decline of its exploitation cinema. Now it seems to have returned with a bang. Andres Torres »Bag Boy Lover Boy« is an homage and a reincarnation of this cinema of the repressed. And in actor Jon Wachter, he finds a perfect embodiment of the sad hero. His Albert is a modern Kasper Hauser, the city around him way too fast. His prison is the night-shift in New York, the hot dog stand, where life and his chance to catch up, just rushes by. When his desires are aroused, a storm is released that he can’t control.


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