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Rusty Boys

LUX, 2016, 107 (min)
German Premiere

  • Director: Andy Bausch
  • Cast: André Jung, Marco Lorenzini, Fernand Fox, Pol Greisch

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Andy Bausch

His 1988 feature »Troublemaker« is, to this day, the most successful film in his native country, Luxembourg, In 1989, the writer/director won Best New Director at San Sebastián for his film „A Wopbobaloobop a Lopbamboom”, and with “Back to Trouble” he was short listed for the Acadeny Awards in 1999.

The idea alone that the wild generation of the 68ers is now headed for assisted living is a scary one. Especially in a world that is morally guided by terms like sustainability, common good and healthy living. Where did the sweet and unyielding smell of rebellion go? The four pensioners Fons, Lull, Nuckes and Jängi have had it up to here with the constant minding they are subjected to in their retirement home. Which is why they get together and decide to revive the wild spirit of 1968. Fons, their leader, who was thrown out of two previous rest homes. Nuckes, their rest home’s night porter, promotes a flourishing trade with illegal cigarettes, hard liquor, passwords for adult channels and the occasional prostitute, should there be a special occasion. And then there is their big plan, the dream of all outlaws: one big score so that they can break out of assisted living and start a good old commune.


Staatstheater 17.09.17 - 19:00