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Outrage Coda

JPN, 2017, (min)
, OmeU
German Premiere

  • Director: Takeshi Kitano
  • Cast: Takeshi Kitano, Toshiyuki Nishida, Tatsuo Nadaka

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Takeshi Kitano

Since his 1989 debut “Violent Cop”, Japanese born director and actor, writer and painter Takeshi Kitano has garnered 50 awards from Film Festivals worldwide. His 1997’s "Hana-bi" won Venice’s Golden Lion. His films “Sonatine”, “Kid’s Return” and “Outrage Beyond” were highlights of early editions of Oldenburg Film Festival.  

Brutal, bloody and breathtaking – enter the idiosyncratic world of internationally renowned and award-winning Japanese megastar Takeshi Kitano. In the last chapter of his notorious Outrage trilogy, he takes us on yet another rollercoaster ride down the underground Japanese mafia theme park. Five years since the out for blood war raged between the notorious Sanno and Hanabishi crime families, the dust has finally settled. However, a small stir causes former Yakuza boss Otomo (played by the director himself) to emerge once again, settle the score and seek final retaliation. Drenched in bullets, explicit violence and signature comedic moments, Kitano’s poetic pulp masterfully weaves the threads of art-house and action. As tension rises, the scenes progress in immaculately composed shots, building a nerve wrecking sense of anticipation before bursting into episodes of unmatched violence that leaves none standing.


Exerzierhalle 16.09.17 - 21:30
theater hof /19 17.09.17 - 21:30