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Stand and Deliver

USA, 1988, 103 (min)
, OmU

  • Director: Ramón Menéndez
  • Cast: Lou Diamond Phillips, Estelle Harris, Edward James Olmos

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Ramón Menéndez

Imagine facing a classroom full of potential dropouts, rebellious teenagers and deadbeats in the ghetto of LA. “Stand and Deliver” tells the real-life story of Jaime Escalante (Edward James Olmos), a high school math teacher and the embodiment of Frost’s resonating words. His dedication and persistence, is the driving force in fighting stereotypes and opening the world of possibilities to his students and the eyes to those who doubted them. Adapting unique education methods, he decides to teach AP calculus, preparing his students to pass the rigorous Advanced Placement exam. The students from intrigue develop respect and admiration for their teacher, especially the rebellious and tough Angel (Lou Diamond Phillips). Grueling hours, racial prejudice and bureaucracy don’t dishearten the students, who all pass. But the results have yet to be confirmed, as the accusation of fraud are insinuated by the Educational board. The bold portrayal of Angel garnered Lou Diamond an Independent Spirit Award as well as a Golden Globe Nomination and the real-life underdog drama has been hailed a classic.


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