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The Nile Hilton Incident

DEN, GER, SWE, 2017, 110 (min)

  • Director: Tarik Saleh
  • Cast: Fares Fares, Mari Malek, Yaser Maher

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Tarik Saleh

Inspired by a real-life case, Saleh’s blues for a cop entangled in corruption, murder, and political paranoia, is set amidst the final weeks before the Arabic Spring uprising - as the streets of Cairo throb like hot air before a thunderstorm. Nephew of a high-ranking police commissioner, Nuredin has long secured rank as captain, and for him the daily fare of bribes and corruption is routine. His nightly routine consists of not much more than cheap booze to drown the pain of the loss of his wife. But when a call to investigate a scene at the Nile Hilton where a famous singer is found murdered suggests that the highest circles of politics and society are involved, nothing will remain routine. When his uncle puts an end to the investigation and shelves the case as suicide, something awakens in Nuredin, and the rift between the remains of his moral compass and that of a society he thought he was a servant to, deepens. Like the best of the genre, this pitch-black metaphysical crime thriller captures the complexity its characters, raising their stakes above the labyrinthine paths that encircle them. The identity crisis is pervasive: the cop, the country, the metamorphosis.


Casablanca 1 15.09.17 - 21:30
theater hof /19 17.09.17 - 14:30