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Tierra Madre

MEX, 2010, 62 (min)
, OmeU
European Premiere

  • Director: Dylan Verrechia
  • Producer: Dylan Verrechia
  • Editor: Dylan Verrechia
  • Cinematographer: Dylan Verrechia
  • Screenwriter: Dylan Verrechia
  • Cast: Aidee Gonzalez, Rosalba Valenzuela, Yesemia Espinoza Valenzuela

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Dylan Verrechia

Born in France he studied in New York, works as a cinematographer on several projects and released high profile documentaries about street children in Bombay and Brazil with his own production company 25THFRAME. His feature debut “Tijuana makes me Happy” was shown at the 2007 Oldenburg Film Festival and went on to win several awards.


Dylan Verrechia
562 Grand Street #3
NY 11211 Brooklyn
Tel: +1 212 671 2522

She became pregnant at the age of 15, since then she works as a stripper in the borderlands between Mexico and the US. Aidee has her hands full trying to provide for a better life for her son; plus there's her patchwork family, consisting of her lover Rosalba, another lesbian couple and her niece, who's helping her with the child. There are deaths and births, separations and new love, success and backlash, but Aidee never loses her lust for life.

Taking only 60 minutes, former documentarian Verrechia shows the moving everyday life of this woman over a couple of years. Using black and white footage and wide angle lenses he almost employs a home video feel, coming so close to the characters that the fiction almost seems to dissolve. No wonder, as many of the real people play themselves, while Aidee Gonzalez, who co-wrote the script with Verrechia, re-lives her own life story in front of the camera. That gives “Tierra Madre” an immediacy and authenticity that no pure fiction film can ever transport. Layered with sad Mexican folk music or Latino Rock, this is a documentary/fiction hybrid with a contagious lust for life.


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