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USA, 1973, 94 (min)

  • Director: Terrence Malick
  • Cast: Martin Sheen, Sissy Spacek, Warren Oates, Ramon Bieri

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Terrence Malick

The fields of South Dakota seem to go on forever – and not even the thinned out forests can successfully fight the emptiness. Holly and Kid rove them like two children, but there is nothing innocent about their games. The callousness with which Martin Sheen’s Kit commits murder and the indifference that Sissy Spacek’s Holly shows towards his deeds dominate even the most idyllic moment of their getaway from the law. They are truly enfants terribles, terrible kids devoid of any emotion. The emptiness of the landscape mirrors the emptiness inside of them. »Badlands«, Terrence Malick’s film debut, is one of those films you never forget. Unique in film history, as if it had simply fallen to earth and as mighty as the obelisk in Stanley Kubrick’s »2001«. The overwhelming beauty of the landscape seems irreconcilable with Kit’s icy hunger for killing and the poetic tone of Holly’s “dear diary”-narration does not fit Sissy Spacek’s unemotional tone of voice. But it is these inconsistencies that show the greatness of Malick’s vision – one that eludes easy explanation and therefore comes pretty close to the nature of the world and human beings.


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