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Messer am Hals

GER, 2017, 88 (min)
World Premiere

  • Director: Michael Kreindl
  • Cast: Neda Rahmanian, Lenn Kudrjawizki, Dominic Raake, Edita Malovcic, Tina Engel

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Michael Kreindl

Born in Darmstadt, Michael Kreindl’s extensive body of work includes »Mordkommission Istanbul«, »Ein Fall für Zwei« and »Der Alte«. After presenting the world premiere of second Croatian crime episode »Tod einer Legende« in 2016 ARD Degeto’s tough successful series comes back to Oldenburg.

Disturbing the public order is always based on an individual crisis, on the drama between introspection and action. The best crime-movies use this commingling of private interests and professional ethics to leave the sometimes tiring plot of “Just the facts, Ma’am”, to quote Detective Sergeant Joe Friday, far behind. When the rightwing-conservative politician Ivica Strugar barely escapes an assassination attempt, the two Croatian investigators Maric and Perica are put on a case with a healthy dose of truth, lies, opportunism and morality that the true beauty their country: the blissful innocence of those, who do not have to distinguish between private and societal constraints. Neda Rahmanian and Lenn Kudrjawizki as the investigators and Dominic Raacke as the ‚Dirty Harry‘ of Croatian politics show exhilarating energy in this game between anguish and immorality. Director Michael Kreindl ironically subverts the clichés of a sunny for shady people and introduces us in his French-inspired crime story to a couple of cops who would love to get their own lives in order, if these pesky crimes didn’t always get in the way.


Exerzierhalle 15.09.17 - 19:00
JVA 16.09.17 - 14:30