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A Violent Man

USA, 2017, 105 (min)
World Premiere

  • Director: Matthew Berkowitz
  • Cast: Thomas Q. Jones, Denise Richards, Chuck Liddell, Bruce Davison

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Matthew Berkowitz

Majoring with Honors in philosophy & film at Pitzer College, the LA native’s award-winning 2015 debut feature, »Wild in Blue« landed him on the cover of Movie Maker Magazine. With music videos, commercials, and his 1st producer credit under his belt, steps back in the ring with the World Premiere of his 2nd feature.

An unknown MMA fighter, Ty Matthews, beats the undefeated world Champion of the sport in a sparring match in a local gym, and a secretly filmed video of the fight goes viral. Overnight, Ty becomes the underdog Champion of the MMA world - with a shot at a fight for the title on the horizon. But when the female reporter covering the story that could make him a legend is found dead, Ty becomes a murder suspect. She was last seen with him - leaving a late night bar after their interview. And his only alibi, his live-in girlfriend, is well aware he arrived home late. A blackout, a dead body, and incriminating circumstances no one can deny- least of all himself. And for the young martial arts fighter, there seems to be no exit from his nightmare of fragments of memory and suspicion. Like Bogart in Nicolas Ray’s “In a Lonely Place”, he finds himself under the microscope of a murder, which he himself doesn’t know if he committed. Uniquely cast with former football star Thomas Q. Jones („Straight Outta Compton“), UFC Hall of Fame legend Chuck Liddell, Denise Richards, and legendary character actors Bruce Davison and Isaac de Bankolé, Berkowitz athletically delivers a poignant portrait of a man against the ropes of fate.


cine k/Studio 14.09.17 - 21:30
cine k /Muvi 16.09.17 - 16:30