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Junk Head

JPN, 2017, 115 (min)
European Premiere

  • Director: Takahide Hori
  • Cast: Takahide Hori, Atsuko Miyake, Yuji Sugiyama

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Takahide Hori

Born on the volcanic island of Kyushu, Japan, Takahide Hori’s unique artistic vision which he worked on for 4 years erupted worldwide with 2014’s stop-motion short Junk Head, winning the Animation Award at Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival. This extended version of his award-winning 2014 short was 7 years in the making – a flat out stunning debut.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” - In the case of Japanese underground artist Takahide Hori, the journey to a stop-motion masterpiece begins with a single frame. Across the span of 8 years, the talented animator created a mindboggling world of unique dystopian vision. In 2017 he completed Junk Head, the feature adaptation to his same-titled, Clermont-Ferrand International Film Festival, Animation Award winning short. The film takes us on a captivating sci-fi expedition over a millennium into the future. After the devastating war with the clones, the world is left in ruins and a human is sent deep into the clone-controlled sectors to retrieve DNA vital for the survival of humanity. Through a distinctive eerie ambience and perplexing tone, we are introduced to obscure, ominous, and, at moment’s, comical creatures roaming the underground. Takahide Hori is a One-Man-Show in its own right. Direction, cinematography, animation, lighting, special effects, music, sculpting, art direction and even the voices of the characters - he practically did everything by himself. Frame by frame, Takahide Hori is making big steps towards stop motion hall of fame.


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